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“Yummy is among the chains that taught us about Korean food. When islanders say barbecue, they usually mean Korean-style barbecue; kal bi or chicken. You can’t go wrong with these at Yummy. They’re always hot, fragrant, juicy, and flecked with delicious charred bits.” -The Star Advertiser’s Ilima Awards.




Yummy Korean BBQ is the flagship line for the Yummy Restaurant Group. By recognizing the potential of Korean take-out, a virtually untapped market, the first opened in Honolulu in 1986. Specialties include Kal Bi, Meat Jun, and BBQ Chicken. Almost all entrée selections are accompanied by selections of vegetable side dishes and steamed rice. Locals distinguish Yummy Korean BBQ by serving large portions, therefore it has extended its menu to cater to those who have a smaller appetite. Other Korean dishes are available such as noodles and soups.


  • “Hawaii’s Best Korean Food”  Star Advertiser Hawaii’s Best 2017

  • “Hawaii’s Best Korean Food” Star Advertiser Reader’s Choice 2008

  • “Highest Percentage Sales Increase” Ala Moana Food Court 2008

  • “Best Kim Chee & Kal Bi” Honolulu Weekly Readers’ Choice 2004

  • “Favorite Korean Restaurant” Star Advertiser’s Ilima Awards 2001

  • “Best Korean Food” Honolulu Magazine’s Hale Aina Awards 1997

  • “Best Korean Restaurant” Honolulu Magazines Hale Aina Awards 1995

  • “Highest Total Gross Sales Per Square Feet” Ala Moana Food Court 1987




Served with choice of 4 vegetables with 2 scoops of rice. (Except #5)


1. Kal Bi
2. BBQ Beef
3. BBQ Chicken
4. Meat Jun
5. Bi Bim Bap
6. BBQ Pork
7. BBQ Pork Chop
8. Chicken Katsu
9. Fish Jun


Served with choice of 4 vegetables with 2 scoops of rice.


10. Kalbi & BBQ Chicken
11. BBQ Beef & Chicken
12. Yummy Special
13. Meat Jun & BBQ Chicken
14. Meat Jun & Fish Jun
15. Meat Jun & Fried Man Doo


16. Yook Gae Jang
17. Tofu Soup
18. Seaweed Soup
19. Man Doo Soup
20. Man Doo Kook Soo
21. Hot Kook Soo
22. Bi Bim Kook Soo


Served with choice of 2 vegetables with 1 scoop of rice.


Kal Bi
BBQ Beef
BBQ Chicken
Meat Jun
BBQ Pork
Chicken Katsu
Fish Jun
Spicy BBQ Pork
Spicy BBQ Chicken
Fried Man Doo


Served with choice of 4 vegetables with 2 scoops of rice.


Fried Shrimp Combo
BBQ Pork Chop Combo
Spicy BBQ Pork
Spicy BBQ Chicken
BBQ Beef Curry
BBQ Chicken Curry
Chicken Katsu Curry
Fried Man Doo Plate
Vegetable Plate

Vegetables vary by location and availability.*

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