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Yummy Restaurant Group was founded in 1986 by Peter Kim. The family-owned business, headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, prides itself on offering quality food, great value, and courteous service ranging from quick service casual eateries to fine dining restaurants at 23 locations in Hawaii and overseas. Over the year, the company has grown to a portfolio of 10 concepts based on market needs and consumer tastes- capitalizing on traditional, homecooked foods that never go out of style. The goals of Yummy Restaurant Group are to ensure customer satisfaction and the ability to patronize any of Yummy restaurant concepts and receive the same taste, quality, and quantity. The company is devoted to using only fresh ingredients and providing ample and generous food portions. "No one ever leaves our restaurant hungry," said Peter Kim. Food service preparation, cleanliness, and compliance with regulatory requirements are top priorities and practices. 

Throughout the years, Yummy Restaurant Group has excelled at penetrating the food court market by opening and operating multiple restaurant concepts at one location, such as Ala Moana Center, Nimitz, and Pearl Highlands Center. This ultimately allows numerous restaurants to share the same kitchen, and some of the kitchen staff to minimize the operating costs. Extensive evaluation of menu selection, pricing, cost of goods, and other overhead expenses allows the possibility of offering a wide selection of dishes at moderate prices. 

Employees are recognized and rewarded for their diligence, loyalty, and dedication. All restaurant general managers have risen through the ranks, starting in entry-level positions as cashiers or front counter helpers. The management teams are trained under the company's operations standards to ensure consistency, quality, and outstanding customer service. 

As the company continues to grow and add new restaurant concepts, Yummy Restaurant Group maintains its original commitment to offering patrons the best value for the foods they love and striving to provide exceptional service at all restaurants while ensuring locals and visitors a positive experience by servicing with aloha in a clean environment for the people of Hawai'i. 

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