Yummy Restaurant Group is built on a foundation of hard work and dedication of family members and employees. The company attributes its success to providing value, fresh, quality food, and outstanding service. Yummy Restaurant Group rigorously maintains quality control to 1) Ensure customer satisfaction and 2) Ensure that a customer can patronize any Yummy operation within a restaurant concept and expect the exact same taste, quality, and quantity in the food being served. Food service preparation, cleanliness, and compliance with regulatory requirements are top priorities.

Restaurant concepts were selected based on the markets’ needs and customers’ tastes-capitalizing on traditional, home-style foods that ever go out of style. All of Yummy’s restaurants use only the freshest ingredients, and food portions are ample and generous.

Menu selection, pricing, cost of goods, and other overhead expenses are carefully assessed, which allow Yummy Restaurant Group to offer a wide selection of dishes at moderate prices. A Yummy customer knows he is receiving value for his money.  Says Peter Kim, “No one ever leaves our restaurant hungry.”

Over the years, Yummy Restaurant Group has excelled at penetrating the food court market by opening and operating multiple restaurant concepts at one location. It has successfully done this at Ala Moana Center and at the NEX The Mall at Pearl Harbor. At the Navy Exchange, one of the largest in the world, the restaurant company strategically placed three of its stores (Yummy Korean BBQ, The Ramen Co., and Subway) side-by-side. This allows the three stores to share the same kitchen, and some of the kitchen staff, which cuts down considerably on operating costs. Having restaurants next to each other in a food court setting is the ideal situation for the restaurant group.

Yummy Restaurant Group rewards the hard work, loyalty, and dedication of its employees. Five of the company’s current store managers have risen through the ranks, starting in entry-level positions as cashier/front counter help. Store managers are trained in the company’s operations standards to ensure consistency, quality, and a high level of customer service.

As the company continues to grow and add new restaurant concepts, Yummy Restaurant Group maintains its commitment to offering customers the best value for their money for foods they love to eat.

Yummy Restaurant Group strives to provide an exceptional level of service at all of its restaurants. Employees are trained to provide customers with a positive experience by providing fast, courteous and friendly service in a clean environment.